Pas de séminaire/workshop math bio

Jeudi, 22 Novembre, 2018 - 09:00 - 10:00

Workshop du GdR "Approches interdisciplinaire de l'évolution moléculaire" à Lilliad, comportant notamment un exposé de Sepideh Mirahimmi (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse) à 9h, portant sur

Evolutionary dynamics of phenotypically structured populations in time-varying environments

We study the evolutionary dynamics of a phenotypically structured population under the effect of mutations and selection in a time periodic environment and considering asexual reproduction. We first show that in long time the population's phenotypic distribution varies periodically in time. Next, we describe such periodic phenotypic distribution considering small effect of mutations. Via some examples and a comparison with a biological experiment, we show how our method can be used to determine the effect of the time variations on the performance of the population. Finally, we investigate how the scale of different parameters may influence the dynamics of the phenotypic density.

This talk is based on joint works with Manon Costa, Christèle Etchegaray and Susely Figueroa.