Hybrid High-Order methods and applications to interface problems

Florent Chave
Inria Rapasodi
Jeudi, 28 Mars, 2019 - 11:00 - 12:00

I will present the work I have done in my PhD thesis which was about the development and the analysis of Hybrid High-Order methods on some interface problems.

By interface, I mean (i) interface as an immersed boundary, and (ii) diffuse interface.
After recalling the basics of HHO methods, I will deal in the first half of this presentation with the interface as an immersed boundary and consider a hybrid dimensional model for the simulation of Darcy flows and passive transport in fractured porous media, in which the fracture is considered as an hyperplane that crosses our domain of interest.
The second half will be dedicated to diffuse interfaces, more precisely I will consider the so called Cahn–Hilliard problem that models the process of phase separation, by which the two components of a binary fluid spontaneously separate and form domains pure in each component.