Wavelet-type expansion of generalized Rosenblatt process and its rate of convergence

Yassine Esmili
Université Lille
Mardi, 26 Mars, 2019 - 11:00 - 12:00
The article [1] introduced in the early 2000s an almost surely and uniformly convergent (on compact intervals) wavelet-type expansion of classical Rosenblatt process. Yet, the issue of estimating, almost surely, its uniform rate of convergence remained an open question. The main goal of our present article is to provide an answer to it in the more general framework of generalized Rosenblatt process, under the assumption that the underlying wavelet basis belongs to the class due to Meyer. The main ingredient of our strategy consists in expressing in a non-classical (new) way the approximation errors related with the approximation spaces of a multiresolution analysis of L^2 (R^2 ). Such a non-classical expression may also be of interest in its own right.
 [1] V. Pipiras. Wavelet-type expansion of the Rosenblatt process.